Rapport is the foundation of any great relationship. Having something in common with another person instantly builds a connection. So why is it so important to build rapport with your team or customers?

Rapport is the foundation of great working relationships. Without it, communication and collaboration are so much harder than they have to be.

Rapport makes others more receptive to your feedback, direction and a valuable way to motivate driving mutual benefits between two parties.

Agents can easily miss opportunities to connect and create rapport with clients when they take the situation for granted, are nervous, or are driving their own agenda. The agent who excels at this interpersonal skill is one who thinks about their plan to build rapport even before the right party contact takes place.

Reason of Delinquency (RFD) – asking for it, sounds simple right?

One of the most over-looked key questions for an agent to miss when negotiating with a customer. By asking for it, paying close attention to how the customer reacts and responds, is the single greatest opportunity for an agent in building mutual benefits, ultimately solidify a good PTP that keeps.

The best way to build rapport is to use questions that show interest; then, listen closely and respond appropriately. Today a lot of the agents who reach out to customers often blast through a demand for payment, offering a quick low settlement and move on to the next call without really digesting the conversation.

You should look for authentic opportunities throughout the call. In some cases, a customer is looking for a solution that the agent could easily offer. But unless the agents can establish what the customers needs are by first asking for the reason of delinquency, then the agent wont effectively be able to tailor a solution that has a sustained outcome.

The RFD starts the conversation and heads it towards the desired direction for an agent.

There isn’t enough listening and definitely not enough of the right questions being asked to surface great dialogue. A good opportunity and truly a differentiator for any manager versus a competitor, who can best utilize this skill with his/her agents when engaging in right party contacts.